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Short-wave infrared heater IR-B03, B02, B01-B COMBO

IR-B03 Short-wave infrared heater with three heater fields for larger drying areas

The short-wave infrared radiator IR-B03/-T offers the shortest drying times and high flexibility, even when drying roofs. With the trolley, which is only 10 cm high, the radiator can be maneuvered under lowered vehicles without any problems and thus also enables the drying of vehicle roofs. With three individually switchable cassettes, the heater offers a drying area of up to 1000×800 mm. For the best possible energy and thus cost savings, only individual cassettes can be activated for smaller drying areas.

In addition, the IR-B03 is equipped with a permanent and automatic ultrasonic distance sensor in order to be able to monitor the perfect distance to the object at all times. The IR-B03-T also has an additional, adaptive temperature monitor with an automatic switch-off function, e.g. to prevent overheating of sensitive plastic parts.

Like all B-TEC IR drying radiators (excluding IR-X), the IR-B03 also has a 2-stage drying system (flashlight / continuous drying) to gently heat the paintwork from the inside out and thus avoid paintwork problems such as “popping” and to prevent “acceptance”.

In contrast to medium or long-wave infrared radiation, short-wave infrared radiation penetrates the paintwork and heats it up from the inside out. A complete sealing of the paint surface with wet paint layers underneath is effectively prevented.


* shortest drying times
* works on 230 V, 3,150 watts
* Height adjustable from 100mm to 2400mm
* very low construction height of the carriage, only 10 cm
* High flexibility thanks to 10 m cable
* Each radiator cassette can be switched individually
* permanent and automatic distance monitoring by ultrasonic sensor
* visual distance indicator
* Infrared emitter IR-B03-T with additional temperature monitoring
* 2-stage drying (flashlight / continuous drying)
* Easiest maneuvering thanks to ergonomic handles
* digital memory function: up to four application functions can be stored
* Working area: approx. 1000 x 800 mm
* Digital residual time display: excludes insufficient drying after an interruption
* Optional: 360° undercarriage adapter; protective hood
* Chassis dimensions (width × height × depth) 890 x 1,560 x 1,090 mm

IR-B02 Short-wave infrared heater with two heater fields for medium-sized drying areas.

IR-B02 IR-B01

The short-wave infrared heater IR-B02 is the perfect IR drying heater when it comes to the best possible performance in a small space. With compact dimensions, 4 castors and 10 meters of cable, it can be used flexibly even when space is limited. With two individually switchable cassettes, the heater offers a drying area of up to 600×800 mm. For the best possible energy and thus cost savings, only one cassette can be activated for smaller drying areas.

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