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Storm Lackierkabine -  Trocknungsanlagen - Lackierarbeitsplätze

Storm Germany – your partner for high-quality painting and drying systems


With our premium brand Storm, you choose a high-quality paint booth that gives you everything you need in terms of equipment and selection of components.

Our systems are well known for state-of-the-art equipment and high processing quality at affordable prices.


Storm Deutschland Ihr professioneller Anbieter für hochwertige Lackierkabinen von Starpaint Industries -

Paint Booth

Storm spray booths are individually planned and manufactured by us according to your wishes and needs.
Combination booths from small to large, painting booths with a separate dryer for drive-through or with lateral displacement, extraction in the floor with ramps or extraction sunk in the hall floor with the option of integrating a lifting platform. We implement your wishes. In all systems, specially designed air filters ensure a completely dust-free working environment and atmosphere. With our air circulation system and intelligent control software, you can also achieve higher levels of efficiency and thus benefit from optimized energy management. Both of these factors are the key components to reducing operating costs and increasing profitability. When planning your new paint booth, we focus entirely on your wishes and needs; no matter what type of spray booth you are looking for, whether you have a truck, car,
Storm Multifunktionale Lackierarbeitsplätze (MFA – Multifunktionsarbeitsplatz)

Multifunctional painting workstations (MFA – multifunctional workstation)

Offer the possibility to carry out several work steps at one place of work. MFA’s from the Storm brand represent a cost-effective alternative to a conventional paint booth, especially in the area of ​​smart repairs or the touch-up of paint on built-in body parts.
The MFA, equipped with a bottom or transverse suction, combined with an illuminated filter deck and heating, offers the possibility to carry out all work steps from the preparatory work to the application of filler to painting and surface finishing without having to move the vehicle to be painted. Movable side walls made of tear-resistant PVC or electric side blinds with a viewing window ensure separation from the wider work environment. An optional lifting platform, which can also be sunk at ground level on request or integrated into the floor extraction system, creates ideal working conditions for your employees. Storm’s multifunctional painting workstations are significantly cheaper to purchase and in terms of operating costs than a comparable equipped painting booth.
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