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We offer powder coating systems in many different sizes and configurations. They are the ideal choice for powder coating applications. You can individually be configured, along with transport facilities, trusses, rail systems, double doors, trolleys, conveyor systems and with manual or automatic systems.

Our systems can be used in any production area. Because we are a supplier of various machines, we can supply you with the equipment you need for your need application. 

Powder Coating Ovens SUPERDRY


New 2022 model with touchscreen and more features, such as double temperature management for optimal heat distribution throughout the oven. Electric or gas powered external configurations available.


Due to the uncertain situation of powered by natural/liquid gas, we are now also offering our curing ovens as a hybrid version, which can be switched at the push of a button and operated with both gas and electricity.

In addition to our common standard sizes, we also produce individual oven sizes of 1-15 meters on customer request.

Pulverkabine Pulverabsauganlagen POWDERJET 4 Filter Absauganlage

Powder coating extraction booth POWDERJET


Our powder extraction systems are used to extract the oversprayed powder during powder coating used. They can be used in many areas, e.g. B. in the automotive, metal, glass, textile, plastic, food industry. The filter unit separates the extracted powder from the powder-air mixture. The filter cartridges are cleaned alternately and automatically.


We offer different sizes and configurations. 1-6 filter cabins with powder recovery possible. Optional additional equipment: circulating air system (without exhaust air pipe), walk-in table version with 100 cm drawer.

As standard: Heavy-duty castors / equipped as standard with a frequency converter for continuously adjustable suction / hooks for hanging up parts.