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Optional fluidisierten Sauglanze bei Pulverpistole

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The Master M Multicolor powder coating equipment powder gun from Electron is ideal for frequent as well as thorough color changes. In addition, the unit offers the highest degree of flexibility. Process the entire original container with ease using the optional fluidized suction lance and slanted vibrating base.

The Electron Master M Multicolor powder gun with powder feed from original containers is the right solution for this.



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New Electron E Coat Master-M Multicolor Powder Coating Machine Digital Pneumatic Control Powder Coating Gun Manual Powder Coating Machine

⚙️ Technical Data / Info:

✅ Injector up to 300gr/min
✅ Control unit Master Digital
✅ Spray gun C1 with remote control
✅ All cables and hoses
✅ Trolley with vibration table

⚙️ Description
Universal, processes almost all powder coatings and part structures

✅ 510 gram hand pistol, flat spray nozzle

✅ Main components from Switzerland

✅ Digital pneumatic control system
✅ Efficient and precise
✅ User-friendly rotary switch
✅ Auto. Regulation of charging voltage (mA)
✅ Fair prices on wear parts
✅ Fast-purge module option
✅ Fast corona module option
✅ Immunity to pneumatic input pressure changes
✅ Recipe system
✅ Rotary knob control
✅ Dual trigger option
✅ Remote control on gun

⚙️ Optional
✅ Corona ring
✅ Wall mount
✅ Fluidized suction lance

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