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Painting booth – drying system Painting system Storm Chromatherm 8 meter painting system Car paint booth drying booth

Energy cost savings of up to 80% through economy switching to reduce air output during spray breaks, cross-flow heat recovery and direct burner technology. This significantly reduces your energy costs and refinances your new system through the low operating costs alone. – STORM CHROMATHERM SERIES

New model with extras, touchscreen, latest functions.

*Freight costs and assembly are charged separately.

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Storm Chromatherm 8000Painting and drying system

✅with guarantee

⚙️Technical data:

✅Overspray detection via the adjustable floor suction optimized work safety / comfortable work protection

✅Fully automatic switching of the ventilation motors using ECO MODE

✅very high work and process safety / humanization of the workplace Low operating, maintenance and disposal costs

✅Reduction of up to 40% thanks to two-stage color separation system

Optional extras:➕Side lighting as ATEX version vertical / 11x416W➕Side lighting as ATEX version horizontal / 28W➕Pneumatic floor grating with ramp function➕Premix burner / direct burner➕Lift Herkules HLS1200-14➕Mixing room

**Plant description**

*Painting and drying system– Dry suction* Wall panels made of galvanized steel / powder coated / 60 mm insulated
* Extraction system – downdraft – 5 lines of full grating, 5mm* 1 maintenance door with viewing window* 4-wing folding door – front side of the cabin 3030 x 2980* 4 fans* copper fans Ex-Proof* gas burner 2-stage* large burner tube* ceiling lighting as ATEX version LED 4 \*16W* Colored 7-inch touchscreen display, position next to swing gate* Frequency converter 4 x 5.5 kW, automatic pressure control* Heat-resistant glass* Light and sound signals* Energy saving function through pressure sensor, spray gun controlled* Automatic display for filter change


Internal dimensions (L/W/H) 8000 x 4000 x 3065

External dimensions (L/W/H) 8200 x 4100 x 4090

Entrance and exit gate (W/H) folding gate 3030 x 2980 | 1 number of maintenance doors (W/H) 800 x 2192 | 1 number of lighting ceiling lighting 4\*16W – LED W | 10 number… side lighting – – – supply air device motor “2 x 5.5 KW”kW | 1 number… air output 36 m³/h 1 heating unit burner output. 250 kcal/h | 1 number… Application temperature 60 – 80° C Exhaust air device Motor “2 x 5.5 KW”… Air output 36 m³/h Total power output 25 kW Power supply Power connection Switch box 380 V… PLC control 24 V Working principle… Downdraft – Floor suction… Substructure full grating 5 lines, 5mm” \*For full technical specifications please contact us

**Housing construction consisting of double-walled insulating panels with high rigidity, made of sheet steel, coated white on the inside, with high-quality mineral wool insulation, 60 mm thick, including floor frame, ceiling frame and corner profiles, including a total of 2 viewing windows arranged on the front.**

Lighting on the ceiling, 4 lamps, consisting of explosion-proof luminaire housings with bright, energy-saving LED linear lights, including reflector, cladding and glazing.

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